Advantage of Vermicompost

  1. Higher Nutrient Availability: Vermicompost manufaturer in India has a higher nutritious value than any other organic fertilizers i.e. it contains high amounts of N,P,K and other micronutrients required for the optimum performance of the crops. Nitrogen -(1-3)%, potassium (1.85-2.25)% and phosphorus = (1.55-2.25)%
  2. Zero Leaching: Chemical fertilizers get easily leached out. They create pollution and are expensive. But, Organic fertilizers like vermicompost don’t leach out and are very good for agricultural use.
  3. No Pollution: Vermicompost is organic, so it doesn’t have any side effects on our health as well as it doesn’t create any pollution of soil and water. Moreover, It doesn’t have a residual effect. Some chemical fertilizers like urea have an acidic residual effect which destroys the soil productivity.
  4. Improve Soil Properties: Vermicompost Manufacturer in India improves the physical, biological and chemical properties of soil like Soil aggregation, Porosity, Water holding capacity, Buffering capacity, Nutrient retention and increases the microorganisms population which all contribute to our agriculture Production.
  5. Contains PGR And Enzymes: There is a rare availability of plant growth hormones in other fertilizers. Vermicompost on the other hand contains a decent amount of Auxin, Gibberellin, Vitamins and Enzymes.
  6. Vermicompost Tea: It is a liquid fertilizer that is extracted from vermicompost. This is beneficial for garden plants as it can be directly sprayed to plant leaves and shoots. It shows the results pretty fast.
  7. Requires Less Space: When we go to traditional farming methods, Composting needs a large area. People who don’t have much area weren’t able to make adequate compost. However, Vermicomopost can be made in less space. You can even make it on your terrace. It doesn’t have a foul smell. There is availability of vermi bags and bins for Vermicomposting.
  8. Generate Employment And Money: Vermicomposting is emerging as a business now. Many youths are doing entrepreneurship in this field. It has also created employment opportunities and many people are able to earn good money from it.
  9. Use of kitchen scrap Waste: Organic wastes are regularly produced in our kitchen. By giving this waste to earthworms, we can convert it into vermicompost.
  10. Improves Quality Of Fruits And Vegetables: The crops which are provided with vermicompost manufacturer in India has good taste, long keeping quality and aren’t attacked by pests.

Thus, These were the 10 benefits of vermicomopost worth to know.

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