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What is Vermicomposting ?

Vermicomposting is a process of composting that uses earthworm to convert organic waste into humus-like high-quality compost. This technique of converting organic waste into compost manure not only boosts organic production but also helps to effectively manage the household and urban organic waste. Benefits that the vermicompost manufacturer in India (Goodness Organic) includes:
➢ Provides nutrients to the soil.
➢ Increases the soil’s ability to hold nutrients in a plant-available form.
➢ Improves the soil structure.
➢ Improves the aeration and internal drainage of heavy clay soils.
➢ Increases the water holding ability of sandy soils.
➢ Provides numerous beneficial bacteria.

Pros of Vermicomposting
➢ Easily done in small batches
➢ Works during cold weather if done indoors.
➢ Less nitrogen loss.

Cons of Vermicomposting
➢ Less nitrogen loss.
➢ Worms have to be separated from the compost before it is added to the garden.
➢ Not easily manage by home owners for large amounts of yard waste.
➢ Does not kill weed seeds.
➢ Produces nitrous oxide and methane- harmful greenhouse gases.
➢ Leachate may spread plant pathogens.

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